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Heal the Planet while Living for Free Globally.

About Us (GFL, in service since 2001.) We have helped over 11 million people locate Free Housing Jobs! We provide House shares, Sustainable Communities, Home steads, Free Land, Free Food, etc... Get off the Matrix.
Our Global Community provides: Free Housing, Free Organic Food, Free Cars, Free Holistic Health care, Free Real Education, & Cash Jobs.
How we will end poverty and homeless...

Heal the Planet by Bartering & Sharing All Resources.

We Barter & Share (Free): Housing, Food, Live-in Helpers, Real Education,

Holistic Healthcare, Land, Travel & a Car.

Ron | Verified | Live-in Helper | Available | CA

Rick is Verified Contractor & App Developer | Barter for Housing | Fl.

Ana & Daughter | Verified Live-in Child care & Domestic | GA | Avail Now.

Lake | Global Travel Companion | CA | Avail Globally et Now.

Shenice | Verified | Live in Massage & Wellness Helper | | PA | Available

Katie | Live-in Massage & Wellness Helper | CA | Avail

Annie | Verified Live-in Helper | Boca, Fl. | Avail. Now

Cris | Farm & House Contractor | I will help you build a sustainable home | Avail in Sept 2024

Skg Verified Nanny Only | Boca, Fl. | Wkly Stipened. | Avail. Now!

Off Grid Cool House | House Sitter & Domestic | AZ | Avail. Now.

London Studio | Pet Sitter Needed | Skg Single or Couple | Avail Now.

Skg Verified Live in Helper & Companion.| MO | Stipend | Female only.

Miami Beach | Skg Verified House Sitter & Domestic | Avail NOW.

Boca, Fl | Skg Verified House Sitter | Free Housing, Food, & Car Provided.

Daytona, Fl | Skg Verified Live-in Helper & Sitter for Senior |

Avail Now | Female only & 65 or or older needed.

We Provide Free Organic Food Map for for 5 Million People. Become a member...
Hiring 125,000 Live-in Wellness Personal Assistants. (Make $400 daily) Free Upscale Housing Available. Join for Free!
Barter for Free Cars... Never buy a car again for Members Only.
Free Real Online Education... No more Student Loans. Members only.
Meet Cool Sustainable People Off the Grid! Members Only.
Join Thousands of Sustainable Off Grid Communities as a Member.
How to Eliminate Racism & Poverty Globally in 24-Hours! Become a Member!
Help us Create a Safe, Moneyless, and Loving World.
Join Sustainable Communities with like minded friends and Leave the Matrix!
Why not Travel for Free Forever! Its time to eliminate all borders. Become a Travel Companion and travel for Free...
Free Massage & Healing Exchange Community. Never pay for massage, again--For Members only...

GFL | Private Global Community

We Provide Free & Bartered: Housing, Food, Live in Helpers, Land, Healthcare, Travel, etc... Today!

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